Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched?

If you are shopping in a retail store, are in a retail store’s parking lot, or in the common areas of a mall, the chances are very good that you are correct.

Private eyes…may be watching you.

Not only are the employees of the store watching; the video cameras are watching, and the store security personnel and your fellow shoppers are watching.

Add to that the security tags, clips, or hidden devices embedded in the mechandise which is offered for sale and you can begin to appreciate how extensively some stores are “wired”—waiting for unsuspecting shoplifters to “trip” over those wires.

The next time you enter a retail store’s fitting rooms to try on a sweater or pair of pants, pay attention to any notices which may be on the wall as you enter: “Notice: activities on these premises are monitored”. Monitored by whom…how? They usually do not say. Just that you’ve been given notice that you may be watched.

Retail establishments are ususally private enterprises located on private property. The general public is “invited” onto the premises…and retailers can “dis-invite” or ask a shopper to leave, or even prohibit them from entering the store in the future.

Is anyone looking?

The Tier- 1 Program provides education, information, assessment, and referral services for first-time arrested retail theft offenders. Its  multi-disciplinary staff  has also provided consultive and research services for more than 29 years to retail merchants, law enforcement, and members of the judiciary who want to establish self-supporting alternative sentencing and intervention services for individuals charged with retail theft.


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